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Kirk Barneby

Running for Board of Education

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Party: Republican

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Age: 71

Marital Status: Married

Current Residence: 56 Chittenden-Field Lane

Current Job: Fixed Income Mutual Funds Portfolio M

Previous Job: Same

Previous Job: Same

Education: BS Economics and Mathematics; Exams and Courses Completed for PhD in Economics ( disertation not completed)

Should your school district get the same amount of education funding from the state if your district's enrollment is dropping?
As stated above, Madison is not budgeting with the expectation of material support from the state. From an economic perspective, apart from any redistributive goals of the state budgeting process, the amount of aid should reflect ongoing inflation as well as the number students.
Are you in favor of regionalizing more services in conjunction with other nearby communities? If so, which ones?
This issue is currently being discussed from two perspectives. First, the possibility of coordination between the town and the school system in purchasing certain supplies may help reduce costs. Secondly, the idea of combined outlays at both the town and school system levels with other local communities such as Guilford has been raised. Both areas warrant consideration.
Why are you running for this office?
Much of the research on the "New Normal" for economic growth potential views educational as having plateaued. This does not have to be the case and I want to contribute to and participate in the ongoing excellence of the Madison school system as appropriate to the role of a Board member.
What is the most pressing local issue facing your community and how would you solve it (within the capacity of the office for which you are running)?
Following the defeat of the recent referendum, the pressing issue is how to restructure use of the existing schools and repair and/or upgrade those facilities that remain place. In that regard, as a Board member, I would work with others on the Board to develop a budget that addresses the above issues in the most efficient manner and one that also best meets the obvious concerns about the fiscal health of the community. Infrastructure needs must be addressed with the recognition that teaching and educational program excellence are the critical elements in a successful educational process. Ongoing communication with all residents to stress the benefits of a competitive school system is key meeting this objective.
With the state's ongoing budget crisis looming over the election, what are your plans for your community's budget? Is there anything you can do make your town less dependent on revenue from the state?
Fortunately, to a large extent, Madison has budgeted for educational outlays on the assumption of little if any support from the state. I think that must be the working assumption going forward in all budget deliberations.
The legislature has been debating various ideas to allow towns to raise revenue locally through something other than property taxes. If you could ease your residents' property tax burden by adding another method of taxation, is there anything you might consider for your town?
While tax efficiency is important, current concerns appear to relate to tax overall tax burden. Research from the Tax Foundation is consistent with the argument that, at the margin, tax burden can lead to the departure of tax payers. So, any new form of taxation would have to be viewed in light of its likely impact on existing Madison residents.
What's one thing most people don't know about you?
That is a tough/interesting question. Relative to the election issue it is perhaps my interest in the educational process. While friends and neighbors realize that we have six children and five grandchildren, they and others may be unaware of how importantly I view the need for a school system that best prepares young people for the next steps in education or the start of a career and for being good citizens.