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Rod Hanscomb

Running for Governor

5 CTNewsJunkie Reader Endorsements

Party: Libertarian Party

CEP Status: participating


Age: 51

Marital Status:

Current Residence: Stamford

Current Job: Independent Sales Rep

Previous Job: Sales

Previous Job: Business owner

Education: Bachelor's degree U. of Washington

Where and how should state government focus its efforts to grow private sector jobs and improve the business climate?
Reduce taxes and regulations to encourage the next entrepreneurial wave to want to be here. #1 - have the lowest US Healthcare costs.
Would you sign a bill legalizing recreational marijuana? Why or why not?
Yes, by principle as a Libertairian who believes strongly in limited ggovernment. As long as you are not infringing upon the Rights of others, the government shouldn't be in the business of telling you how to live your life or how to run your business. I would however be unenthusiastic. I was in Seattle when it legalized marijuana and don't want to see pot billboards, pot stores and pot advertising all across CT.
Projections suggest we’re facing yet another massive budget gap for 2019. What concrete steps will you take to close that gap?
Welfare and social services. #1. Those of us who remove our blinders understand how rampant abuse of the system is. Work or charity requirements or tech school. Government of the State of CT is double what it needs to be. Enormous budget sector is interest payments on Bonding debt. No more. EFFICIENCY, EFFICIENCY, EFFICIENCY
Would you support legislation requiring private employers to "ban the box," prohibiting them from asking the question about criminal convictions on a job application?
Yes. Once you've done the time, you should be fully free to move forward.
A recent report found 40 percent of Connecticut residents can't afford basic needs such as housing, food, health care, or child care. What would you do to improve their situation?
This question is ridiculous. Though people in the media are usually convinced in their mind they are unbiased, likely only a bleeding heart liberal would put forth a question like this. 40% of resident s can't afford basic housing and food? Be a pro and name the source of the report. If we are talking specifically about health care, then word the question that way.
Based on estimates that out-of-state drivers would contribute 30-40% of overall revenue if highway tolls are implemented in Connecticut, would you support tolls with or without offsetting cuts in the state's gas taxes?
30%. 70% from CT residents. We have an extremely small land mass, zero major new highways to build as we are mostly fully developed, and already the 6th highest gas tax in the nation. At 20 cents a mile, commute from Norwich to New Haven? $475 a month. NO TOLLS!
What are your transportation priorities?
To get the DOT to stop wasting our money. US average to repave 1 lane of highway 1 mile $200-$225k. CT? Over $500k. Think sending billions of more of our $ through tolls to the DOT will make them magically start working efficiently? Drive through Westchester County sometime. The worst highway in the country. It is an embarrassment, and it is tolled.
Should Connecticut be cooperating with President Trump’s zero-tolerance policies on illegal immigration or resisting?
Yes. This is a Federal Issue, not a State issue. "Illegal" means somebody broke the law. Billions upon Billions of tourist dollars are missed out on every year because the government has to severely limit who can come. If it was law and order, this market could be greatly expanded. We have the technology to make it happen very easily. I do not support less immigration to the country. We need enormous numbers as we always have. For numerous very good reasons, it needs to be of the legal variety only.
Would you seek to repeal a new Connecticut law that mandates insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions if the Supreme Court strikes down the Affordable Care Act?
Yes. In a country founded on Liberty, the government should not be telling people or corporations how to live their lives if they are not infringing upon the Rights of others. Last time I checked the Bill of Rights free healthcare was not listed. Access to truly affordable care is something I'm very passionate about and it could be a huge economic boom to the State.
Much of Connecticut is economically and racially segregated because many towns lack affordable housing and local zoning regulations prohibit multi-family dwellings. How would you propose incentivizing municipalities to start allowing multi-family units and other affordable housing options?
The Federal Government should have less control over the States, and the States should have much less control over the towns. The best government is local. Let the towns develop mostly as they see fit and have healthy competition. No government housing projects.
How should the state address disparities in the Education Cost Sharing formula? What specific modifications would you suggest, if any?
The big issue here is the cost of educating kids in public schools in CT. US average is $10,500 K-12. CT? Of course, pushing $19k. Costs in Bridgeport and Hartford and Waterbury are not that far off this number. Once again, it's about effieincy not higher and higher taxes. Why do many great parochial schools educate for $6-$7k. School vouchers. If home schooling or private school, a voucher for $4-$6k. Parents know what school is best for their kids. Only with competition will the public school expenditures come down.
Will you work to regionalize local services with an eye toward creating efficiencies and reducing the state's obligations under ECS and other town aid? How would you go about it?
100%!! It only makes full sense and is one main way to start getting these idiculously high property taxes in this State lower. The local mayors and selectmen will mostly be the experts on How. My office will be open to them to start getting this done. If there is a fraction of a penny to be saved with better efficiencies, we need to go get it.
Will you try to reopen the SEBAC agreement before it's due to expire in 2027? If so, what might you offer the unions in order to get them to agree to reopen the contract early?
SEBAC is a joke. Labor unions acting as political entities, guaranteeing politicians votes in exchange for ridiculous, back breaking concessions and contracts. Only 4 States are stupid enough to have collective bargaining, and we re the only union State. Worst combination imaginable. State Sovereignty. We don't have to pay for anything we cant afford. Dont think we can greatly reduce the number of State employees? Yes we can.
Should the government's response to the opioid crisis be to focus on law enforcement to stop drug dealers, or improving access to treatment for addiction and reducing the overprescription of painkillers?
The overprescription. Where is the Federal leadership in this as step one? Even if we here in CT stop over prescribing, these pills can still cross State lines.
Eversource and some out-of-state entities appear to be attempting to buy control of Connecticut's water resources, and some of our quasi-public water agencies have signed away large amounts of water to commercial interests with little regard to future water shortages. What can you do to ensure that Connecticut residents maintain control of public water supplies in perpetuity?
Water shortages? Here in CT? When has this ever been an issue, and why would it be one in the future? This is a non issue. If price gouging happens in the future, then the State government steps in.
The 459,000 family caregivers in Connecticut provide an estimated 427 million hours of care each year. Nationwide, nearly seven in ten caregivers report making work accommodations because of caregiving, including arriving late/leaving early, cutting back their hours, changing jobs, or stopping work entirely. Would you support a family leave law that provides paid leave to employees who have to take time off for family caregiving purposes?
At what point is it time to have a paradigm shift back to families and communities and churches taking care of itheir issues and family members in need, and not the government. These Lyndon Johnson War on Poverty programs are a failure and bankrupting governments. No I would not support forced family leave payments or time off from work. This should be left up to the company, whether large or small.
In 2016 the Connecticut Retirement Security Program was created. It will give over 600,000 residents in our state a way to save for retirement at work. Knowing that employees are 15 times more likely to save merely by having access to payroll deduction, how will you continue the implementation of this important program?
Fantastic program. I would do everything in my power to encourage residents and workers to participate and build their own wealth. If starting at a young age, even a small percentage of a modest income put into proper retirement funds can lead to a wealthy retirement.