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Ernestine Holloway

Running for Governor

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Party: Independent Party

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Age: 51

Marital Status: Single

Current Residence: Meriden

Current Job: Pastor

Previous Job:

Previous Job:

Education: School of Theology - Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Certifications

What can be done to improve the business climate in Connecticut while COVID-19 continues to be a risk?
With so much uncertainty ahead about COVID-19, how would you ensure that the people's business – both at the legislature and in all of our elections – will be conducted effectively, and with full participation, in the safest possible manner for the foreseeable future?
With higher education facing major changes because of the pandemic, what steps will you take to make sure that Connecticut’s residents have access to college and/or other job training that won’t leave them tens of thousands of dollars in debt?
With more students turning to virtual learning, there is no need to charge in- state students these astronomical tuitions and having them graduate with thousands of dollars in debt. I will push for cutting tuition to make it more affordable for all. I would also like to make it more affordable for people to take advantage of Job training programs, as well as, Technical Training Schools and push to offer a zero interest loan programs for 5 years upon graduation or certification completion and job placement giving them time for repayment.
What specific legislation would you support to reduce racism in Connecticut?
What is one specific policy you support to help protect African Americans as an at-risk group during the pandemic?
Since Everyone is at risk. I would support any policy that will benefit and protect all people during the pandemic, as a virus sees no color.
Connecticut’s revenues will sharply decline as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and, unlike Congress, Connecticut has a balanced budget requirement. What changes would you make to balance the budget? (If you want cuts, be specific what will be cut. If you want to raise taxes, be specific about which taxes.)
I would like to help the businesses that are currently struggling to stay open, by allowing them to open fully at their own discretion and give businesses a 3-5 year deferment on taxes if needed. I will also propose economic development, entrepreneurship for new business owners, mentorship with the tax deferment for 3-5 years, as long as they agree to stay in the state for 5 years.
What should Connecticut do to re-tool our public health for COVID-19 and the possibility of future pandemics, while also addressing other chronic illnesses that put people at risk every day?
How can Connecticut lower healthcare costs while also improving quality and access to care?
I will bring Legislators, Healthcare providers and constituents to the table to find out exactly what isn't working with the Affordable Care Act and work towards fixing it. Right now what is "Affordable" for some is not "Affordable" for All. WE really need healthcare to be affordable to all people.