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Roger Misbach

Running for State Representative

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Party: Libertarian Party

CEP Status: nonparticipating


Age: 51

Marital Status: married

Current Residence: Meriden

Current Job: Technician

Previous Job: Distict Manager

Previous Job:

Education: High school

Much of Connecticut is economically and racially segregated because many towns lack affordable housing and local zoning regulations prohibit multi-family dwellings. How would you propose incentivizing municipalities to start allowing multi-family units and other affordable housing options?
That is up to individual towns
Would you vote for a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana? Why or why not?
yes It's time to decriminalize marijuana.
How should the state balance the needs of vulnerable populations with the reality of another large budget deficit?
There's plenty of areas to trim costs and close the deficit, and better serve vulnerable populations. We need to help and invest in lifting people up so that they can become self supportive. Without help from labor unions it is going to be tough to keep all services but we have to try our best to support the citizens who need the most help.
A recent report found 40 percent of Connecticut residents can't afford basic needs such as housing, food, health care, or child care. What would you do to improve their situation?
Since government accounts for a large part of their expenses reducing the cost of government would bring this number way down. We need growth in this State, that will raise wages and create jobs.
Will you support top-down efforts to regionalize local services with an eye toward more efficiency and reducing the state's obligations regarding ECS and/or other funding for towns? How would you go about it?
I want to end all mandates the State puts on local government. Towns can decide how they want to work together and what resources they can share. Because of the size of state government cities and towns are strapped for cash yet they provide most of our services. Schools, fire, police, a majority of the roads we drive on are all town provided services.
Where and how should state government focus its efforts in order to grow jobs?
The best thing government can do is stay out of the way. Create a climate friendly to business. We need to have the lowest corporate tax rate in Connecticut. We need to end needless licencing fees, we need to revamp our regulations so that people can start a business. My plan would be to lower the corporate tax rate to 5 % percent, 3 percent in 2024, lower the income tax to 0 percent for the first 75000 and a 6 percent cap with 5.5 percent in 2024.
Would you support legislation to "ban the box," prohibiting employers from asking the question about criminal convictions on a job application?
yes as long as they served their time for their crime all rights should be restored.
Based on estimates that out-of-state drivers would contribute 30-40% of overall revenue if highway tolls are implemented in Connecticut, would you support tolls with or without offsetting cuts in the state's gas taxes?
no tolls.
Eversource and some out-of-state entities appear to be attempting to buy control of Connecticut's water resources, and some of our quasi-public water agencies have signed away large amounts of water to commercial interests with little regard to future water shortages. What can you do to ensure that Connecticut residents maintain control of public water supplies in perpetuity?
We should ensure that everyone who pays for water has access to clean water. Companies and local governments should work together to ensure a sustainable resource by improving storage and delivery. Companies buying water can be a tremendous asset to building reservoirs, and treatment plants as well as lowering the cost to residents.
How should the state address disparities in the Education Cost Sharing formula? What specific modifications would you suggest, if any?
The money should follow the student. Education needs to be revamped to bring it into the 21st century. The cost of education is one of our biggest expenses in government and we don't get the return we should. It's time to look at new ways to provide an education.
Should the government's response to the opioid crisis be to focus on law enforcement to stop drug dealers, or improving access to treatment for addiction and reducing the overprescription of painkillers?
Stopping drug dealers hasn't worked for any drug. The biggest drug dealers are the pharmaceutical companies, and doctors. Treatment is the best response
In 2016 the Connecticut Retirement Security Program was created. It will give over 600,000 residents in our state a way to save for retirement at work. Knowing that employees are 15 times more likely to save merely by having access to payroll deduction, how will you continue the implementation of this important program?
There are a few issues with this but on the face a voluntary program for both employees and employers to get involved in saving for the future is a good idea that should be explored.
The 459,000 family caregivers in Connecticut provide an estimated 427 million hours of care each year. Nationwide, nearly seven in ten caregivers report making work accommodations because of caregiving, including arriving late/leaving early, cutting back their hours, changing jobs, or stopping work entirely. Would you support a family leave law that provides paid leave to employees who have to take time off for family caregiving purposes?
That's up to each employer