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Dominic Rapini

Running for Secretary of the State

2 CTNewsJunkie Reader Endorsements

Party: Republican

CEP Status: participating


Age: 61

Marital Status: M

Current Residence: Branford

Current Job: Senior Account Manager

Previous Job: VP Product Marketing

Previous Job: Self Employed /

Education: Trinity, BS Degree

What can your office do to encourage more people to become entrepreneurs, and is that preferable to the ongoing shortage of workers in many industries?
Reduce all barriers to entry. Simply the onboarding of new businesses and provide a concierge model to facilitate the questions and issues for entrepreneurs. Self reliant, independent business people are a growth engine for the economy.
Under the purview of your office, what action(s) will you take to reduce out-of-pocket drug costs and reduce the impact of the cost of prescription drugs on taxpayers and insurance premiums?
In these inflationary times, what will you do to help ensure that Connecticut’s middle-income retirees on fixed incomes are able to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets?
Under the purview of your office, how do you plan to address the growing long-term care workforce crisis in the state?
Gas prices are higher than ever, which is difficult for older adults on fixed incomes. Yet, alternatives to cars in Connecticut are limited. What will you do, within the purview of your office, to help older adults access other forms of transportation?
What are the most important issues facing Connecticut that your office can address directly, and which of those is your number one priority?
The Connecticut election infrastructure is severely out of date and in need of refresh. Day one may priority is to conduct a Technology review of CTs election tabulators and effect a replacement strategy to be executed for the 2023 Municipal cycle.
What is your position on whether Connecticut should open its election primaries to unaffiliated voters?
Primaries are the responsibility of the major political parties. I would urge unaffiliated to engage in the process of determining major party candidates by joining a party that best matches their values and the priorities of their families.
Is the state's current method of reporting election results on the Secretary of the State's website adequate to the task in today's technological environment? If not, what would you propose?
Registrar of voters in our towns constantly complain about the instability of the platform and the difficult user interface. The EMS system needs to be replaced with a more modern platform based on standards for usability, stability, and security.
What other steps can be taken to increase voter participation?
Most importantly, we need good candidates to inspire voters. Under my control, finding ways to improve the Election Day process and voter experience. Electronic Poll books can facilitate voter processing at the polls and provide tools to political parties to get out the vote by identifying voters who hadn't yet voted before the polls close, I will implement election online registration for ABs which eliminates the need for printers, not often available in CT homes, and simplify the process of applying for ABs. Finally, I will promote Curbside voting for voters who cannot easily enter a polling station while preferring to vote in person.
Tens of thousands of voters used absentee ballots in the recent primary and many voters say they strongly prefer this convenience. In an effort to increase voter participation, do you support continuing the use of any or all of the following: no-excuse absentee ballots, early voting, and/or making Election Day a holiday?
1) Early Voting - When considering Early Voting the citizens of Connecticut must understand the lack of infrastructure for this program as opposed to Early Voting states, the unfunded nature of this mandate, and the historical lack of success Early Voting has showed in actually turning out more voters compared to Connecticut which has one of the highest levels of voter turnout in the United States. Early voting is not right for Connecticut and is a solution looking for a problem. 2) Almost every Election Day problem in Connecticut involves mail in voting. Missing ballots, voter fraud and forgery, and overtaxed town clerk offices ill equipped to manage 8x increases in mail in voting. Again, CT lacks the infrastructure to manage expanded AB voting and we remind voters that CT has one of the highest voter turn out rates in the Country without Early Voting and no-excuse mail in voting. Our strength is in the decentralized voting system that has worked for over 200 years. While I encourage CT businesses to give leave to employees for voting, an Election Day holiday would essentially be a mandate and carry an undue costs to our business community. Our citizens can find time to vote in a 14 hour day, if not, we have prescribed reasons to vote AB in our Constitution