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Toni Boucher

Running for State Senator

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Party: Republican

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Age: 0

Marital Status: married

Current Residence: Wilton

Current Job: State Senator/businesswoman, investments

Previous Job: State Rep, Business owner

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Education: MBA, BA

Today, over 600,000 residents in our state don’t have a way to save for retirement at work. Knowing that employees are 15 times more likely to save merely by having access to payroll deduction, will you commit to supporting the newly passed Connecticut Retirement Security Act that will provide these workers with access to private payroll deduction IRA accounts?
The State of CT cannot manage its own pension fund which has been raided and is only 42% funded. It is unwise for them to tamper with private sector pensions . They need to fix their own first. Employees should be free to chose on their own and not be forced to accept a state run plan especially when their health insurance premiums are going up 30% and deductibles are now 3-400% higher.
Do you believe public schools in Connecticut require an essential makeover, as outlined by Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher's decision in September? What, in your opinion, is the number-one issue regarding public education in the state?
The ruling needs further definition and goes further than the boundaries of the Judiciary branch of government. The education Cost sharing formula should be reformed as it is now politically manipulated. Demographics of the state has changed . We now have less affluent families and more students in need that require extra support to close the achievement gap. Reading and early childhood emphasis are top priorities as is access to higher education to close the income gap. We must stop tuition hikes!
Will you oppose legislation that will require utility customers to subsidize the profitability of merchant generators, such as the Millstone nuclear power plant, unless those merchant generators demonstrate the need to their customers and the state with financial reports that show their actual loss in profits?
How would you reduce the state employee pension liabilities and debt service, which together comprise 25% of the state's annual budget?
Reform pensions to be more aligned with private sector plans
Does Connecticut have a revenue problem or a spending problem?
Spending Problem
Would you support laws that provide for family leave or other workplace flexibility for employees who have to take time off for family caregiving purposes? What proposals would you champion to help family caregivers who are balancing a career and family obligations or health emergencies?
I would support this if CT did not such a problem keeping jobs here. We have a reputation as being business unfriendly with many mandates and high payroll costs. MA has regained 300% of jobs lost in the recession and CT only 80%. National average is 170%. This is NOT the right time for any further mandates.
Community College students recently won a reprieve but are facing the possibility of a significant tuition hike. What are you planning to do to ensure that community college remains an affordable option for families?
This is both a budget support problem and internal cost management problem as well as modernizing the way college courses are taught and delivered. Costs are too high and passed onto students. This limits their access to higher ed. It is a serious problem as higher ed is the best way to get out of poverty and close the income gap.
What would you do as a state legislator to address the opioid epidemic in our state?
Education of doctors and patients on the best practices for managing pain and prescription drugs. Stop early use of illicit drugs. Revisit legislation around the issue of drugs and prevention.
Who are you supporting for president and why?
We have deeply flawed candated running for the highest office in the land. Everyday brings new reveleations and in 24 hours the entire landscape can change. I am watching this unfold as everyone else is doing. I will see what happens come election day.