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Derek Slap

Running for State Senator

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Party: Democrat

CEP Status: participating


Age: 42

Marital Status: Married

Current Residence: West Hartford

Current Job: AVP marketing and communications at UCONN foundation

Previous Job: Chief of Staff Senate Democrats

Previous Job: Communications Senate Democrats

Education: BA Syrause University and MBA UCONN

Do you believe public schools in Connecticut require an essential makeover, as outlined by Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher's decision in September? What, in your opinion, is the number-one issue regarding public education in the state?
Fundamentally no. The judge was right in that we needed fairer funding for our schools but I was troubled by his argument that towns like West Hartford are overfunded relative to other towns. I also take issue with his criticism of teacher evaluations and comments about special education. The number one issue regarding public education is protecting our schools from budget cuts at the state level which would either harm our schools and the education our children receive or drive up property taxes.
Will you oppose legislation that will require utility customers to subsidize the profitability of merchant generators, such as the Millstone nuclear power plant, unless those merchant generators demonstrate the need to their customers and the state with financial reports that show their actual loss in profits?
How would you reduce the state employee pension liabilities and debt service, which together comprise 25% of the state's annual budget?
We need to look at restructuring payments as the executive branch is currently doing.
Does Connecticut have a revenue problem or a spending problem?
We will need to make spending cuts to balance the budget. Ultimately we also need more revenue from a growing economy with high quality jobs.
Would you support laws that provide for family leave or other workplace flexibility for employees who have to take time off for family caregiving purposes? What proposals would you champion to help family caregivers who are balancing a career and family obligations or health emergencies?
I am supportive of the concept and obviously would need to examine the details. Affordble health care, flexibility for employees and adequate support services are all important.
Community College students recently won a reprieve but are facing the possibility of a significant tuition hike. What are you planning to do to ensure that community college remains an affordable option for families?
Students who graduate from our community colleges are more likely to stay in Connecticut. We need to adequately fund them, help provide low or no interest loans to students to attend, and encourage philanthropy (scholarship support as an example). We also need to support the presidential candidate who has a plan to address college affordability (Hillary Clinton).
What would you do as a state legislator to address the opioid epidemic in our state?
Education, counseling and support services.
Today, over 600,000 residents in our state don’t have a way to save for retirement at work. Knowing that employees are 15 times more likely to save merely by having access to payroll deduction, will you commit to supporting the newly passed Connecticut Retirement Security Act that will provide these workers with access to private payroll deduction IRA accounts?
I am troubled by the specter of folks retiring without adequate savings or not being able to retire. While we need to be careful not to place additional burdens on small businesses, I do think there's an opportunity for legislation like this to help. Ultimately that will mean more savings for retirees and less costs to government and taxpayers.
Who are you supporting for president and why?
Hillary Clinton. She is well qualified and I agree with her policy positions on a number of issues, including closing the pay gap between men and women, addressing college affordability, and the types of Supreme Court judges she would appoint. I am also horrified by the thought of a Trump presidency.