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Christopher Sugar

Running for Board of Education

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Party: Republican

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Age: 36

Marital Status: Married

Current Residence: Middletown

Current Job: Associate Attorney

Previous Job:

Previous Job:

Education: JD., Western New England University; B.A. (cum laude) SUNY-Oswego

Why are you running for this office?
Given my experience handling labor and employment matters I believe I can provide an insight into the needs that are affecting Middletown's schools today as well as what issues may arise in the future. As a member of the Board of Education's policy committee for the past year I have had a chance to look at the current policies and regulations as well as provide input on the changes to those policies. This has given me insight into what the Board is looking at and where the Board is going.
What is the most pressing local issue facing your community and how would you solve it (within the capacity of the office for which you are running)?
Right now its the proposed referendum question concerning renovations to Woodrow Wilson middle school which I emphatically support. That school is in dire need of renovations and at this moment, the State is willing to pay more than half the cost of renovations. The City cannot wait any longer and the time to vote yes is now.
With the state's ongoing budget crisis looming over the election, what are your plans for your community's budget? Is there anything you can do make your town less dependent on revenue from the state?
The budget needs to be thoroughly examined to find cost savings that won't impact the ability of the teachers to provide services to students. I would be in favor of an audit of the Board of Education budget.
Are you in favor of regionalizing more services in conjunction with other nearby communities? If so, which ones?
I would need more information on how regionalizing of Board of Education services could save money as well as the impact that such action would have on employees of the Board of Education.
What's one thing most people don't know about you?
I have a cat named Socrates.
Should your school district get the same amount of education funding from the state if your district's enrollment is dropping?
Funding should not be contingent on enrollment since declining revenue would inevitable lead to school closures, teacher/staff layoffs and increases in class sizes etc. I am not in favor of decreasing any funding that would result in class sizes increasing because I believe that overcrowded class rooms and the loss of teacher resources will severely damper the pedagogical process.
The legislature has been debating various ideas to allow towns to raise revenue locally through something other than property taxes. If you could ease your residents' property tax burden by adding another method of taxation, is there anything you might consider for your town?
Until something more concrete is proposed I cannot give a yes or no answer.