State Representative District 8

Tim Ackert

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Party: Republican

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Current Residence: Coventry

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Brenda Falusi

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Party: Democrat

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Age: 51

Marital Status: Married

Current Residence: Tolland

Current Job: Computer consultant and trainer

Previous Job: Substitute Teacher

Previous Job: Retail Manager

Education: BS Mathematics, St. Joseph College

Connecticut’s revenues will sharply decline as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and, unlike Congress, Connecticut has a balanced budget requirement. What changes would you make to balance the budget? (If you want cuts, be specific what will be cut. If you want to raise taxes, be specific about which taxes.)
What can be done to improve the business climate in Connecticut while COVID-19 continues to be a risk?
Taking appropriate precautions, based on science, to ensure the safety of our businesses and consumers. CT has proved that we can succeed when we work together.
What specific legislation would you support to reduce racism in Connecticut?
Develop, improve, and reaffirm comprehensive plans to diversify our hiring practices, access to housing, access to education, and work with partners to ensure equity training is available in our state and municipal governments.
With so much uncertainty ahead about COVID-19, how would you ensure that the people's business – both at the legislature and in all of our elections – will be conducted effectively, and with full participation, in the safest possible manner for the foreseeable future?
Again, following protocols, using technology and adapting to changes. With the expansion of the use of absentee ballots, absentee ballot drop boxes, and adapting pandemic safety protocols, we will ensure the safety of the poll workers and voters. We owe a debt of thanks to the additional tasks our Town Clerks have successfully taken on and those additional workers who have stepped forward to assist in our communities.
With higher education facing major changes because of the pandemic, what steps will you take to make sure that Connecticut’s residents have access to college and/or other job training that won’t leave them tens of thousands of dollars in debt?
What is one specific policy you support to help protect African Americans as an at-risk group during the pandemic?
Continue programs to extend eviction deadlines. Ensure access to childcare. Watch unemployment insurance claims for trends, and address as seen.
What should Connecticut do to re-tool our public health for COVID-19 and the possibility of future pandemics, while also addressing other chronic illnesses that put people at risk every day?
CT needs a public healthcare option. As for future pandemics, we need to demand a federal pandemic response team, with response and recovery plans in place.
How can Connecticut lower healthcare costs while also improving quality and access to care?
CT needs a public healthcare option. Not only will this lower costs, but will enable small businesses to compete with large corporations for hiring. Healthcare should not be a privilege.