Survey Questions and Candidate Responses

Do you agree or disagree with President Trump’s directive for all schools to return to a full schedule this school year? What parameters and/or process do you endorse in making decisions involving the operation of public schools in the age of COVID-19?

Cassandra Martineau | Participating Election
I believe Democrat Lamont rushed us back to school too early. Without a guarantee of adequate supplies, extra staff, a better plan for teachers other than, "If you get exposed, keep working," which means work until you are sick. Distance learning until we get better control over managing Covid, until more families take precautions seriously.
Bruce Walczak | Participating Election
How we structure the return to schools today and as we progress through this crisis should be left to the states and local school boards. The Federal and State governments should give guidance to protect the health of all, based on science.
Joe Courtney | Participating Election
Each school district needs to make the decision that is right for their students and faculty based on local conditions. Regardless of whether a school is returning to in-person learning or is conducting virtual instruction, they need significant resources that they simply do not have without new federal investment. The Heroes Act would provide these necessary resources through direct assistance to school districts as well as support for state and local governments struggling with budget shortfalls. This year is highly unusual and will require investments that match these needs if we are to avoid learning loss and keep students and educators safe.
Stephen Dincher | Participating Election
Schools should be open in full. Parents and guardians should be free to make the right decision for their children. Parents and guardians, not bureaucrats in Hartford or Administrators should determine where education tax money is spent for their own children.
John Larson | Participating Election
I disagree with the President’s directive. I believe that those decisions are best left to local authorities who know best about what’s happening in their school district.
Brian Merlen | Participating Election
I disagree with Trumps directive to return all schools to full schedules. I believe the students should be using remote learning to protect the families. Often the families feature multiple generation households, so these are significant issues to overcome.
Rosa DeLauro | Participating Election
A false narrative has been created around what have been, in the vast majority of circumstances, peaceful protests. For too many Americans, this is not simply about the instances of injustice which sparked these protests, but the deep, systemic racial disparities that they live every day. Those of us who serve in elected office should be focused on addressing the underlying root causes driving these protests - - racism, economic and social inequities, and the need to reform our criminal justice system. Unfortunately, that is not the kind of leadership that we are seeing from the President and his Administration.
Justin Anderson | Participating Election
The President certainly, can have an opinion on whether students should return to school. It is an opinion. To state it is a directive, you would need to have a Presidential Executive Order directing schools to return to a full schedule. School schedules are determined at the state and local level. I support each school district making those determinations based on each area specific COVID-19 threat concerns, and the latest scientific information.