Survey Questions and Candidate Responses

What are the most important issues facing Connecticut that your office can address directly, and which of those is your number one priority?

Dominic Rapini | Participating Election
The Connecticut election infrastructure is severely out of date and in need of refresh. Day one may priority is to conduct a Technology review of CTs election tabulators and effect a replacement strategy to be executed for the 2023 Municipal cycle.
Stephanie Thomas | Participating Election
Those who are working to undermine faith in our elections are one of the most important issues facing Connecticut and the country. The Secretary of the State is uniquely positioned to restore faith and fight against misinformation. As Secretary, I will work closely with organizations such as Homeland Security and the National Association of Secretaries of State to ensure that Connecticut is up to date with regard to cybersecurity best practices; ensure that all poll workers, from checkers to registrars, have the training and support they need; will invest resources into civic education and engagement for young people and adults; and will position the website as the place to go for facts to fight misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation.